Cure Your Cannabis Addiction

Foreword By The Author

I hope you find this short article and the accompanying video useful in helping to cure your cannabis addiction. It is really aimed at those who were once young and foolish (weren’t  we all?) but who now realize that their former belief that cannabis is a totally benign drug was incorrect. It applies equally to those who are still young but who now realize that a lifetime of dependence is not a nice future to look forward to.
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The Cannabis Culture

The cannabis culture reached its zenith in the 1970s but cannabis (also known as marijuana, hashish, weed, pot etc) is still a popular drug despite years of getting a bad press. Those who smoke cannabis tend to experience different intellectual and behavioral effects and to different degrees, but the most common one (that of feeling somewhat euphoric) makes it a favorite recreational drug among young people in the age group of teens to early twenties. Because it is really a natural herb, they assume that it cannot do any harm but that is a false and dangerous assumption. It is highly addictive and can result in a lifetime of drug dependence. Cannabis, it must be said, is now generally recognized as one of the lesser evils of its genre, but it can still cause quite profound problems in later life for those who fall prey to cannabis addiction.

Cannabis As Medication

Cannabis is also now acknowledged by many in the medical profession as a valid medicament for a number of ailments, which also tends to infer to young and susceptible minds that it is harmless, which is far from being the case. Marijuana dependency, like almost every other addiction, induces changes in a person’s behavior. Most of the individuals who finish up with a cannabis addiction develop problems of depression and low self-esteem. Through smoking cannabis, they get a feeling of being less inhibited and their emotional behavior seems (to them) to have improved. Unfortunately, these feelings are a total illusion.

A Short Video On Cannabis Addiction

The following is a one and a half minute video where I outline a cannabis addiction treatment program that boasts a 100% success rate. If you, or someone you know, has a cannabis habit that needs breaking you really should take a look at this. More information on the program is available via the link which appears immediately below the video window.

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