Ways To End Excessive Sweating

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The Problem


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Sweating is a common complaint but excessive sweating is not so common. This might be due to several factors. It may be in palms, feet, groin or underarms and the face may be affected as well. Sweating a lot may cause irritations to several other common health problems. Also, sweating over time reduces the water content in the body paving way to giddiness and lack of energy.

The Causes

Sweating occurs as a consequence of the extrusion of waste materials by the myoepithelial cells squeezing the merocrine glands and the secretions stored there are released. Sweat is made up of ninety nine per cent water and one per cent sodium chloride, metabolites and various waste materials. It is directly released on the surface of palms and soles through about five hundred merocrine glands present there per centimeter of skin.

The Cures

Disproportionate sweating can happen as a result of consuming drinks containing caffeine, alcohol and spices. These three things are stimulants and they affect the nervous system resulting in this type of perspiration. All three induce sweating acivity and, to stop it, all three factors have to be avoided.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Contrary to what many people think, you really need to drink more water in order to perspire less.


Excessive sweating can occur as a result of our feelings too. Some of the reasons are if we are tensed up or in some sort of hurry, looking for something or maybe hearing some shocking news or just extreme embarrassment.


This is something nobody wants to hear but exercise does affect the amount you sweat. A body that is more in shape, has an easier time of keeping cool because of increased blood circulation. Spend some time working on exercises that target your cardiovascular organs for the best results for reduced sweating.


The clothes we wear could be reason for excess sweating too. If you are wearing clothes which are manufactured from non-natural fibers, it could lead to an excess of perspiration. Cotton garments may help stop it.


Humid conditions may make any of us sweat a lot. So in order to eliminate this kind of sweating, we need to employ air coolers or air conditioners to even up the body temperature.


As you can see, there are many and varied causes of excessive perspiration and many different approaches towards its relief. However, after trying some of the recommended ways of reducing the amount that you sweat, if you do not notice a reduction of your problem, please make an appointment with your doctor.

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