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This blog, and indeed this site (Healthy Living Tips), is one of several that come under the 101 Answers banner owned and managed by Mike (also known as Aussie Mike) and Jan Alexander. Another, for example, is known as ValuePaks, where you will find specially made up packages of ebooks and software for sale at extreme bargain prices. Other websites they own are ClipCopy Content Solutions and Indiaman, Journey Of A Lifetime and two ebooks: Internet Traps, Rip-Offs And Pitfalls and Computer Terms, Emoticons And Texting ShortcutsPlease note—all privacy and other policies that pertain to this site are promulgated on the parent site and can be accessed via the following link: 101 Answers Privacy And Other Policies.

About Mike Alexander

Mike Alexander

Aussie Mike is now over 75 years of age and thinks he’s learned a thing or two in his long life. He’s made many mistakes, including some in his marriage of 45 years, during which he and his wife Jan brought up a son and a daughter. Both their children are now in their forties and are settled happily into their own lives so he and Jan can’t have gone too far wrong. Jan still puts up with his funny ways and he hers but they are both still able to laugh at (and with) each other. They’ve experienced hardship and setbacks including ill-health (he had a stroke, she had treatment for breast cancer) but they’ve also experienced travel and adventure and can still enjoy each other’s company. A somewhat wider thumbnail ‘bio’ on Mike Alexander can be read online here.

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