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Healthy Living Introduction

This site is dedicated to helping you become healthy, stay healthy, and (most of all) enjoy a long life without the need for drastic measures such as extreme diets or fanatical fitness routines. These do not lead to happiness for most people, nor to longevity, and should only be resorted to when absolutely necessary (such as if you are dangerously obese, or in training for a sporting or other competitive event). The aim is to help ‘everyday’ people and, except where necessary for obvious reasons, not to differentiate between individuals according to their age, sex, class, abilities or anything else. We are all human beings after all, with all the individual diversity that that entails.

Mind And Body300px-Healthybody

Healthy living, when the aim is to have a long and enjoyable life, has every bit as much to do with the mind as the body. Debate still rages about the effects of positive thinking on the ability of the body to heal itself.

Nonetheless it is generally recognized that an optimistic attitude and a reasonable degree of self-esteem have been associated in an overwhelming number of studies with physical wellness and health that leads right into old age.

Prevention Or Cure?

“So what is covered here?”, you might ask. “Are you offering tips on how to stay healthy or is the focus on remedies for the ailments that might bother us?”

Well, the answer is: both of the above… and lots more (see the menus to the right of here headed Categories and Videos). In the case of prevention, we offer tips on how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and look after the needs of your mind and body. As far as remedies go, we suggest natural solutions that might be considered first, particularly for relatively mild conditions or those for which medical science has yet to provide a convincing treatment.

What About Conventional Medicine?

Does this mean we are skeptical about conventional medicine, as provided by your doctor?

Absolutely not! It’s just that we think equal weight should be given to all forms of healing, at least until such time as intelligent assessment deems one to be superior to another. We are aware of the pitfalls that can come from an almost religious belief in what some call ‘mumbo-jumbo’ cures. But similarly, we are also skeptical about relying wholly on one answer from one person who has been trained to look in one particular way at all ailments—over-prescribing of antibiotics is a good example of what can go wrong with such a narrow outlook.

Advances in modern medicine are truly amazing. Nevertheless, any doctor, if he’s honest, will admit that there is still far more to learn about how the body and mind work than the sum of all knowledge currently available. So far, they have only scratched the surface.

A Long And Enjoyable Life

Cartoon Of The Week

^ Laughter: The Best Medicine ^

So why do I (as the author of this piece) think I’m qualified to talk about, let alone offer health tips? Am I a physician? No, but I’m well over 70 years old and I think I’ve learned a thing or two in my long life. I’ve made many mistakes, including some made during the course of my marriage of nearly 50 years and bringing up a son and a daughter. However, both our offspring are now approaching their fifties and are happily settled into their own lives so we can’t have done too badly. My wife too is still with me and putting up with my funny ways but we are still able to laugh at (and with) each other. We’ve experienced hardship and setbacks, including in my case, ill-health (I had a devastating stroke a number of years ago) but we’ve also experienced travel and adventure and can still enjoy each other’s company.

My Background

I joined the Royal Marines at 15 and from the age of 18 served most of the next six years in the commandos, eventually becoming the youngest sergeant in the corps. Fitness and survival skills were paramount for me then but went into decline over the following years. However, my stroke, which left me crippled, was a wake-up call and I now do a 10 km walk at least every other day and a one hour relaxation session in the intervening days. The result is that I feel almost as fit and healthy now as I did in my younger days (taking into account my age but not my disability, of course).

Product Reviews

You will find brief reviews of various products I think you might be interested in, and which are related to the subject matter, peppered throughout this site. Where they appear, there is invariably a link to the actual product page as well. This does not necessarily mean that I have personally tried the product in question (frankly, that would be impossible anyway) but that I wish to draw your attention to it. By the same token, the inclusion of such a review does not amount to a recommendation either but rather a referral for your consideration.


In closing I would like to stress that I’ve tried to make navigation of this site as straightforward as possible. Simply browse the menus in the right sidebar or use the Main Menu links at the very top of every page. Also, I very much hope you will support the advertisers by reading about their products. After all, they make it possible for me to run this website.

Mike Alexander


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